Prospective Tutors

Being a tutor with Lessons for Life gives you the opportunity to develop valuable teaching and leadership skills while making a concrete impact in your local community. Although we ask that tutors have significant musical experience before joining Lessons for Life, we welcome tutors with little or no previous teaching experience to our program. Our approach is to provide tutors with resources, materials, and support to help them get started while at the same time making sure they have autonomy to work according to their individual teaching styles.

Our tutors often find that working with Lessons for Life expands their perspective on the world around them and helps them acquire new skill sets. There are many reasons to tutor with Lessons for Life:

→ You'll become a better teacher. Tutoring with Lessons for Life means working intensively with students in one-on-one lessons, and we provide tutors with the resources and independence they need to develop as teachers. Even if you are not planning to pursue a career in education, tutoring with Lessons for Life will help you build leadership skills and a new insight into how people learn that you can draw on in all your future endeavors.

→ You'll become a better musician.One of the best ways to learn about something is to teach it. Teaching someone to play a musical instrument from scratch will provoke you to think about music in entirely new ways. In the words of one of our tutors, Tessca: “Being a part of LFL has not only made me a better person, but also a better musician. By teaching music I'm also learning in so many ways.”

→ You'll be making a difference. One-on-one music tutoring gives you an unparalleled opportunity to make a concrete, immediate impact in other people's lives. By joining Lessons for Life, you are providing lessons to a student who otherwise would not have the chance to become involved in music. The work you do through Lessons for Life will quite literally change someone's life.

→ You'll have fun. Besides developing new skills and making the world a better place, one of the best reasons to tutor with Lessons for Life is that it's just fun! The students we work with are very enthusiastic about learning to play music, and it's rewarding to watch them grow over the course of every semester. Every lesson you give will challenge you and engage you in new ways. At the end of your time with Lessons for Life, you'll find that despite everything you've accomplished, you'll feel like you haven't worked a day!

Working with Lessons for Life involves doing weekly lessons with your student as well as attending occasional workshops and meetings for tutors.

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